Lightening Carrot Body Oil 6 Oz

Lightening Carrot Body Oil 6 Oz


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Labidjanaise Lightening Carrot Body Oil 6oz

  • The body oil?LABIDJANAISE Carrot Oil is very powerful concentrated which cleans the skin in-depth while maintaining its brightness for a long time.

  • It is a?non-greasy oil is enriched with?vitamin B3
    and natural extracts
    ?from lemon and bearberry to lighten skin in a safe and natural way.

  • Lightens dark spots and pigmentation: natural plants extracts give an even skin tone

  • Protects skin from suntan: helps to lighten suntan

  • This 100 % Natural Oil is specially formulated to treat hyperpigmentation and dark spots

  • Its natural extracts help maintain an even skin tone and give skin a smooth and clear appearance.

  • It helps resolve existing skin problems such as dull, patchy, and sunburnt skin

  • This natural skin oil can be used on the face and entire body to repair and protect skin

  • Suitable for?all skin types.


  • Apply onto areas to be treated and massage gently until completely absorbed.

  • Use it twice daily. Gently massage every morning & night on clean skin using upward circular movements.

  • For best results, use along with other?7 Day magic argan soap?or?7 days magic Carrot lotion

  • Regular use will give maximum results


Enriched with Organic unrefined Argan Oil, Vitamin A& C with Beta carotene-rich?Carrot extracts, Jojoba Oil, Glycerin, Hypoallergenic