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Darling Hair USA | FABIANA

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Length: Medium | Texture: Smooth | No. of packs per head: 2

Slightly longer weave with curls at the tips. Wash/Condition No shedding, No Tangle. Use Several times.

Key Features: Lightweight, Sleek Finish Human -Like Feel, One-Pack Solution Or Two Depend on Hair Style, Wash, Condition and Re-Usable

Why should you buy Darling Hair? Darling Brand hair extensions are only at our own factory throughout African countries and exported around the world. Guaranteeing the same quality hair extensions.

 Darling Hair is a #1 Brand/Manufacture of high quality braiding, crochet, wigs and weave extensions for men, women and children. Darling manufactures all brands in our state of the art processes and human quality fibers.