EBook: How To Sell on Walmart.com Guaranteed

Darling Hair Beauty Supply | EBook: How To Sell on Walmart.com Guaranteed


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EBook: How To Sell on Walmart.com Guaranteed

Start Promoting Your Business or Your Own Products on Walmart.com

Learn the proven step-by-step process to launch your first highly profitable business or product line on Walmart.com

How to Sell On Walmart.com
Here are the Five steps to becoming a Walmart partner, doing it The Walmart Way. This is the book that you will need in order to get on Walmart.com as a partner, the DIY way. Your other option is to follow the steps in the book to qualify yourself to have me put your products on Walmart for you (which takes the least amount of time). So, let me just give you an overview of exactly what you can expect. Walmart is a little bit different from doing business with other online retailers like Amazon. Walmart wants you to be successful so they have a process that they go through in order to pick you as a partner or being able to put your products on their Walmart.com platform. You must qualify so they feel that you can be successful on their platform over the long term. My story is unique because I tried to get on Walmart.com 2018, 2019 ,but I didn’t try in 2020 due to COVID-19. In May 2021, I decided to give it a try again on one fateful Sunday night. I remembered that it just so happened to be my birthday and I was planning to take a trip to Panama the next Friday. That night I applied and a minute later I got an email saying, “Congratulations we’ve received your application”. A minute later, I received a second email saying, “Congratulations you’re tentatively approved for as a partner of Walmart.com”. Then, 15 minutes later I got another email that said, “Congratulations you have now been approved for partnership with Walmart.com”.