Protective Face Shield with Elastic Headband

Protective Face Shield with Elastic Headband


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Face Shield - Protective Isolation Mask

A protective mask can well protect your face and glasses from sand, droplets, oil fume, and prevent your face from physical impact and injury. This face mask with eye shield can be recycled after disinfection. This disposable face shields a large area from the eyebrows to the chin to protect against foreign aggression on your face

  • Applicable places: Indoor, outdoor, office, factory, workshop, square, any area where face protection is needed

  • Good anti-fog function, clear vision, can adjust the elasticity of the belt according to your head circumference and wearing habits, protect your face firmly and comfortably

  • The plastic face shields are made of super transparent recyclable PET, lightweight, clear vision, fast and easy to wear


Just remove the mask from the packaging bag, remove the protective film layer on both sides of the protective sheet, and wear it directly to your head.


High transparent PVC size 32 x 22cm, adjustable elastic strap, elastic sponge. The plastic face shield has a foam strip, and the elastic band can be easily adjusted to suit habits, and it is firmly fixed and comfortable to wear


  1. After removing the protective film from the protective mask, do not touch the protective sheet as much as possible during handling, so as not to affect the visual field due to handwriting.

  2. The protective mask is an auxiliary use, and it needs to cooperate with a mask to provide effective protection.

  3. This protective mask is designed as a disposable product, please do not reuse it.

  4. Do not clean the mask or use any detergent to clean the protective mask, otherwise, the anti-fog layer will be damaged.

  5. The protective mask is recommended to be used on the same day. After use or contaminated products, the mask should be discarded as a medical pollutant.

  6. This protective mask is not recommended for multiple people.