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  • Braid Shell Bead
    Love to decorate your braided hairstyle in a classic style? Why not try these beads. These shell beads in their natural color will add elegance to your braid and makes you look stylishly classic. Feature: With no rough edges and...
    Braid Jewelry Gold Color
    Small gold dreadlock Beads dread tube hair braid adjustable cuff clip
    Sunglasses Open Side
    These sunglasses that look trendy with open sides is a great option to make a style statement in the summer. Construction: The sunglasses come with a trendy frame in a square shape with rounded edges. The polycarbonate lenses are fitted...
    Braid Jewelry Assorted Colors
    Assorted Style Dreadlock Beads, Hair Braid Jewelry, Dread Jewelry, Rainbow Dread Accessories
    Tomorrow Hair Accessories Beads 50 Count
    Tomorrow Hair Accessories Beads 50 count These Beads are perfect for stretch bracelets, necklaces, keychains, bead weaving, decorations and all sorts of crafting projects. They're also fantastic for children you can create a simple bracelet simply using Pony Beads stretch...
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