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  • Wahl 2105 Balding Blade
    Suitable for: The best blade to get an ultra-close trim, this balding blade is the perfect choice when looking to add finer details to your style, outlining, or even for full head balding. Made of: Built using extremely hard-wearing material...
    Wahl 3 Hole Blades - Standard
    Construction: Made from premium quality material that is hard-wearing and will last for a longer time, this 3 hole clipper blade ensures complete precision while delivering higher performance. What's it good for?: A standard design clipper blade with adjustable lock,...
    $25.99 $22.98
    Wahl 5 Star Balding Clipper
    Description: A high-performance shaving add-on that makes styling your hair super easy, this exceptional clipper is best suited for balding and fading and is equipped with accessories that maintain and improve efficiency. Constructions: Sporting an ergonomic design that delivers optimal...
    $76.99 $74.98
    Wahl 5 Star Cord/Cordless Magic Clip
    Smart design: Showcasing a slender shape and comfortable handle for ease of use, this ultimate clipper is the right tool for professional or home use. Additional features: Built with a tough exterior and powerful motor, it comes with a stagger-tooth...
    $205.99 $129.98
    Wahl 5 Star Cord/Cordless Shaver/Shaper - Red
    Looking for a great shaver to get that perfect finish. Then this is for you. Construction: This shaver is easy to use and comes with a powerful motor that lends a precise cut. Comes in a red finish, this shaver...
    $103.99 $78.45
    Sold Out
    Wahl 5 Star Detailer - Burgundy
    Fabulous Features: Built-in a solid yet sleek shape that proffers a good hold as well as better precision, this impressive detailer is equipped with a T-wide blade that ensures quicker and more accurate designs. What's it good for?: This handy...
    Wahl 5 Star Series Adjustable T-Wide Blade Lithium-ion Cordless Detailer #8171
    Wahl 5 Star Series Adjustable T-Wide Blade Lithium-ion Cordless Detailer #8171 Ensures a neat and crisp trim each time Cordless trimmer with long-lasting battery life Practical design for ease of use Adjustable T-wide blade for a closer cut LED indicator...
    Wahl Adjustable Trimmer T-Wide Blade
    What's it good for?: Best suited for both professional and personal use, this sleek trimmer ensures a sharp performance which allows you to create innovative designs that are sure to make heads turn. Features: Equipped with a T-wide blade for...
    $24.99 $24.98
    Wahl Clipper Oil 4 Oz
    Description: An absolute essential when it comes to care and maintenance of your clipper as well as blades, this efficient clipper oil ensures better longevity and durability of your tools. Premium quality: This exceptional quality product is easy to use...
    $8.99 $3.98
    Wahl Close Silver Foil Replacement - Exclusive for Shaver Shaper 7031-300
    The 5-Star Shaver/Shaper Replacement Foil provides replacement foil for the 5-Star Shaver/Shaper (#8061-100). This shaver cuts razor close for the ultimate finishing job on a variety of cuts. Designed to get the closest shave possible without being painful or irritating,...
    Wahl Cordless Li-Ion Designer Clipper
    Top features: Featuring a super convenient cordless design that makes it easily accessible at all times, this stellar clipper is comfortable to use and efficient too. Fitted with a lithium-ion battery that promises a longer running time of 90 minutes...
    Wahl Gold Foil Cutter Bar Assembly - Super Close- Exclusive for Finale
    Wahl 5 Star Finale Replacement Foil & Cutter Bar Assembly - Gold Foil - Super Close #7043 FINALE REPLACEMENT FOIL & CUTTER BAR ASSM BLACK - SUPER CLOSE - GOLD FOIL CUTTER BAR CANNOT BE USED ON OTHER SHAVERS The...
    Wahl Shaver/Shaper Replacement Foil & Cutter Bar Assm Red - Super Close - Gold Foil
    Features: Designed to offer a super close and clean shave, a shaver/shaper helps you get the desired look each time. How to use: A handy way to ensure your shaver is always ready for optimal use, simply install this replacement...
    Wahl Shaver/Shaper Replacement Foil - Red - Super Close - Gold Foil
    Description: This replacement foil for shavers and shapers comes in rich gold color. This simple shaving accessory ensures your gadget provides the closest and most crisp shaves for a longer time. Installation: This replacement foil is super easy to replace....
    $21.99 $16.15
    Wahl Shaver/Shaper Replacement Foil - Red - Super Close - Silver Foil
    Features: Finished in silver color, this replacement foil for shavers and shapers offers not just an uber close shave but also prevents itchiness and skin irritation, leaving it feeling smooth and clean. What does it do?: Designed with complete precision...
    $33.99 $24.98
    Wahl Stagger Tooth Blade Set C/C Magic Clip Only
    What does it do?: A fabulous tool to get the finer work on your hairstyle done, this tooth blade set is best used for creating textures, adding blends, or for hard and soft line fading. What's it made of?: This...
    $24.99 $22.98
    Wahl T-Adjustable T-Shaped Trimmer Blades #1062-600
    For the men out there, this T-Shaped Trimmer Blade is for you to enjoy a perfect shave. Feature: The blades with the perfect sharpness give a close perfect shave for a stylish finished look. The blades are T-shaped for convenience...
    $46.99 $24.98
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